Things You Need When You Come to See Us

Free Initial Consultation – First of all, you do not have to bring any money.  Your initial consultation really and truly is FREE. During our initial consultation, we will discuss all fees with you and we will always put our fees in writing. There are no hidden expenses. If you desire to retain us at the first meeting, that is fine. Typically, we advise our clients to put about $300 down. This allows us to draw a credit report for you and provide you with our Client Code so that you can complete the pre-filing Credit Counseling and they can bill us for the counseling session.

You should print and fill out our new client form that gives us the information that we will use at your first appointment.

The new bankruptcy rules require that we estimate how much you’ve earned in the past six months. You will need to gather all of your pay stubs for that time period, or get a print-out from your employer. If you are in business for yourself, we would need to see a profit and loss statement on a month-by-month basis for the last six months. Your bank statements might help deduce your gross income, if you are self-employed.

You should also create a list of your creditors (names, addresses, account #’s and balances) as well as a running total of all your debt. Be sure to use the address on the last billing statement, if they have contacted you by letter in the last sixty days. If there is an attorney or collection agency, we would like their name and address, as well.

Here is a form to use to list your creditors. List of Debts

Beyond that, there are other things you might want to bring in with you:

  • Lawsuits, including foreclosures and garnishments
  • Your divorce papers showing who owes what debt
  • The Real Estate tax bill from the County Assessor showing what your real estate is worth
  • The Deed or the Abstract for each piece of real estate that has the Legal Description of the real estate
  • Any statements showing how much money is in your retirement plan or an IRA
  • Any appraisals of personal property that you may have that show what your personal property is worth

For this initial meeting we will need about an hour and a half of your time. Our primary goal is to examine your assets, your debts, your income and your expenses.

We need to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Will you lose any property, if you file bankruptcy?
  2. Can you eliminate your debts? and
  3. Are you making too much to file bankruptcy?
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